Bethany Church History

historyofchurchDuring the second quarter of 1999 the Holy Spirit inspired Rev. Clifton E. Parr to plant a Church; consequently, during that same period by the aid and guidance of the Holy Spirit, Rev. Parr, his wife Marsha, the Carter family, Woods family, and several other visionaries met in the library at the Roosevelt Middle School in Oceanside, California.  The purpose of that meeting was to plant a God-centered, and Bible-based Missionary Baptist Church.  After several meetings, a consensus was arrived at to plant the seed for Bethany Mission; officers were elected and Rev. Parr was chosen as the leader of Bethany Mission.

Bethany Mission began to meet in the multi-purpose room of Roosevelt Middle School; while meeting at Roosevelt Middle School a petition was filed (with the State of California) for Bethany Mission to become a Church.  On October 18, 1999, said petition was granted and Bethany Mission became known as Bethany Missionary Baptist Church (B.M.B.C.) and Rev. Parr was called to be the Pastor of the same.  Bethany’s very first worship service was held on October 3, 1999, at the Roosevelt Middle School in Oceanside.  Our first worship service included the Lord’s Supper.

Bethany M.B.C. continued to meet at Roosevelt Middle School until 2001.  During 2001 by the sovereign will of God we relocated to the facilities at El Camino High School in Oceanside, California.  Bethany M.B.C. met and continued to serve the Lord at El Camino High School for approximately three years.  In 2004, the Lord directed us to the Nichols Elementary School in Oceanside, California.

Bethany M.B.C served the community in and around Nichols Elementary School for approximately six years (until December 31, 2010).  On January 1, 2011, by the grace and mercy of God, First Baptist Church of San Luis Rey opened their hearts and their church facility to the Bethany M.B.C. family where we are currently continuing our quest to do His will; we are extremely grateful to the First Baptist Church Family for their willingness to share their Church with us.

Bethany has served and participated in numerous community and missionary outreach activities which includes the following just to name a few:

  • Citywide Revelation Bible Study

  • Communication Seminar

  • Neighborhood door-to-door outreach

  • Christmas in July (helped repair homes for needy families)

  • Bread of Life Rescue Mission (chapel services, sermons, hot meals & monthly bag lunches)

  • Operation Hope (family mission in Vista – bag lunches)

  • Adopt a Family (Christmas and Thanksgiving assistance to needy families)

  • Angel Tree

  • Scholarships to members of church and community with 3.0 or better GPA

  • Awarded computers to high school graduates with 3.0 or better GPA

  • Casa de Amparo Children’s Shelter (arts & crafts quilt-making activity)

  • Assistance to needy families & disaster victims in San Diego county community

  • Free quilting classes at El Corazon Senior Center (conducted by Sis. Vivian Townes)

  • Women’s outreach to San Diego Rescue Mission

  • Diaper ministry for teenage mother

  • Mother-Daughter “Mother’s Day” luncheon

  • Father-Son “Father’s Day” luncheon

  • Pacific Ocean baptism

  • Ministering to and visiting the sick

  • Loomed baby hats & donated them to charitable organization

  • Annual Oceanside Gospel Bowl

Bethany is also active in the Progressive Baptist District and Congress on Christian Education.
Also, from 2007 until 2010 Pastor Parr and the Bethany Family sponsored a Korean Church (San
Diego Central Baptist Mission) as a “mission.”

To God be the glory!